Truly Modern Teardrop Campers

We bring light, low-cost, hassle-free enjoyment back into camping. So everyone can get out there again.

Exceeding Expectations

At C.A.R.P. Expedition, we always aim to surprise our customers. For instance, our trailers come equipped for an optional roof-top tent. That way, you can fit a growing family into your portal to the outdoors. We want every family to experience the outdoors whenever they want—and without needing to upgrade their vehicle.

Just hook up and go. We’ll see you out there!

Meet Mark

C.A.R.P. Expedition was founded by Mark Weseloh, Owner + CEO. Coming from a family of successful businessmen with decades of experience in the automotive industry, Mark continues a tradition of strong entrepreneurship with his modern teardrop campers.

Over the years, Mark has gained 15+ years’ experience in the carpentry industry. Mark has 6+ years as a factory-trained machinist in the machining and manufacturing industry. Mark has continued his education in sheet metal forming and holds certifications in basic MiG-Welding.

Mark’s love for the outdoors started at an early age, and he continues to share his passion for the outdoors with his wife and two children.


We’re proud of our trailers. Created for today’s growing families, as well as anyone with their buddies or going solo, our teardrops are built to last.